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No need for electricity

  • The Secure Tracks system is purely mechanical which eliminates the need for complicated and expensive electrical wiring or batteries that must be recharged and replaced.  

  • The system consists of a ceiling mounted monorail track made of heavy gauge aluminum and our patented trolley and patient support carriage.

Site Planning

  • We will come to your location and work with you on-site to determine what works best for your needs.  After determining the location and best product configuration for your facility, our professional engineers will provide you with a facility installation schematic and a cost quote.

Product Acquistion

  • Our products are available as a capital purchase or we can provide several leasing options thru a multi-year lease to own program.

  • The multi-year lease-to-own program makes acquisition very affordable and in many cases can provide huge tax incentives.

Patient Safety

  • Secure Tracks was developed with patient safety during rehabilitation as the highest priority.  The product is produced and assembled in the United States and is customized for each facility to ensure the most effective and safest installation possible.

  • Secure Tracks is available in any length of track and it is even possible to have two (2) patient carriages on the same length of track, increasing the efficiency of design and decreasing the overall cost of installation

No Harnesses

  • Secure Tracks does not use a harness system which puts pressure on surgical areas and compromises the patient's dignity by putting straps between their legs.  With Secure Tracks, a physical therapist can have a patient in the carriage and walking in less than 30 seconds vs. the 15 minutes it takes to get a patient into a harness.  This can dramatically improve your overall efficiency.

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