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Secure Tracks Physical Therapy System

Secure Tracks is an ambulatory patient support system designed to prevent falls, improve patient outcomes and decrease post surgical pain. Secure Tracks improves the patients' natural gait and ultimately helps them walk sooner.

Secure Tracks is a purely mechanical therapy system consisting of a ceiling-mounted monorail track, an exclusive "patented" trolley and a support frame that allows patients to stand completely upright and walk with a natural gait. Traditionally, patients who have undergone lower extremity surgery have only used conventional walkers and gait belts during their rehabilitation theraphy.

Secure Tracks is an innovative system that:

  • Prevents patient falls
  • Decreases pain following surgery
  • Improves gait during recovery
  • Increases patient independence
  • Relieves patients’ fear of falling
  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Reduces staff costs to care for patients
  • Prevents staff injuries
  • Provides efficiencies for hospitals
  • Gives hospitals a competitive advantage


Contact Secure Tracks today for more information about this revolutionary system. You can also browse our site to learn more about how Secure Tracks works and read our peer reviewed clinical study.